The I.F.C Returns to Feather Falls Casino

On March 6th 2016 The I.F.C. returned to the Feather Falls Casino for WARRIORS CHALLENGE 
 The IFC was founded in 1996 by longtime martial artist and event producer, Howard Petschler. Howard recognized that MMA would finally solve a lot of the problems associated with martial arts as a spectator sport, and so he sought to establish the credibility that MMA and it athletes needed to be treated and accepted as a sport. He initially took the athletic commission accepted kickboxing rules and adapted them for MMA. The IFC then established an oversight body overseen by Paul Smith who had joined the IFC ranks in 1997.  Paul went to work adapting the new rules for the California State Athletic Commission. In a coordinated effort with the commissions of Nevada and New Jersey, these rules, which were to eventually evolve into the Unified Rules, allowed for the safety of the fighters without detracting from the action. Weight divisions for both men and women were developed, and soon the IFC was working with athletic commissions throughout United States and Canada to bring prominence to this exciting new sport. The IFC would produce the first regulated MMA events New Jersey, Texas and Canada. To see a full gallery  with all Photos visit Here

Here are the photos from the Event: